The Porter Process: 5 Steps to Unlock Your Child's Potential from K to Career

Patricia Porter Ph. D., M. Ed., Dip Sp. Ed., Dip Ed. B.

Patricia has been an educator for over 40 years working mainly with students with learning problems. Here experience, specialized training, and personal research contribute to her understanding of the vital role that parents play in helping children succeed in school.

Patricia created The Porter Process so that all parents can make a difference in their child’s learning lives.

Stop Tearing Your Hair Out Trying To

Motivate And Inspire Your Underachieving Child 

Discover the key that unlocks your child’s potential.

Imagine knowing you’re leading your child to a future full of opportunity and fulfilment, a future where they can write their own ticket and have the life of their dreams!

All this is possible when you give your child the right kind of support – support that matches your child’s specific learning needs.

Our on-line workshops help you discover your child’s unique learning needs and give you the tools to unlock his or her potential.

Help your child reach his or her full potential, overcome learning challenges, and be ready to learn anything from anyone, anywhere!

About Patricia Porter

I have been a teacher for over 35 years and during that time I always wondered why some students found it easy to learn while others struggled to get the grades they deserved. I knew it was nothing to do with so-called intelligence because I worked with many bright students who had learning blocks. Then, while being trained by world experts on children’s learning, I had my Ah-ha moment. It was a revelation so simple yet so profound that it changed the direction of my life.