Meet Patricia

​Hi it's Patricia

I have been a teacher for over 35 years and during that time I always wondered why some students found it easy to learn while others struggled to get the grades they deserved. I knew it was nothing to do with so-called intelligence because I worked with many bright students who had learning blocks. Then, while being trained by world experts on children’s learning, I had my Ah-ha moment. It was a revelation so simple yet so profound that it changed the direction of my life.

Some kids learn more easily than others because they know how to learn!

Children who have the skills that enable them to learn can learn anything, anywhere, anytime, from anyone. My next step was to discover what those skills were and how to help children develop them. After more research I worked out that there are 12 basic skills that all children need if they are going to reach their full learning potential and, even more importantly, that parents could help children develop these skills.

Parents are important! I learned that, yes, you need good teachers and, yes, you need good schools with ample resources but these are nothing compared to the support parents give children.

The truth is – YOU make the difference – you are the answer to why some children are better learners than others.

During my teaching career I met many parents and they were all doing their best to support their child’s education. And they all had the same problems. They they were spending hours helping with homework, vast amounts of money on tutors and educational resources, and tremendous amounts of energy worrying about their children’s future.

They were frustrated, exhausted, and confused and didn’t know where to turn to get advice. I knew they weren’t giving children the support they needed to succeed in school.

So I started telling groups of parents about how to help children develop the skills they needed – how to help children learn how to learn!

Soon I was working with parents who were concerned about their child’s education and wanted to know exactly what they could do to help. I used my skills to assess their child’s learning ability, diagnose their learning issues and provide parents with strategies to help their child overcome learning blocks.

Leading to Learning was born.

But I wanted to do more. I realized that I had a process that all parents could use to ensure that they could discover exactly what support their child needed and how to provide that support.

They no longer had to waste time, money and energy helping children in ways that just didn’t work. Best of all I could ensure that children got the support they needed, the support hat would lead to school success.

Now the Porter Process is on-line so parents in all parts of the world can get the information and advice that helps them lead their child to learning. And I am ready to help you help your child succeed in school and have the life of their dreams.

If you want to ensure your child reaches his or her learning potential schedule a free call to discover how we can work together.