Here's How We Can Work Together to Discover the Key to Unlock Your Child's Learning Potential 

So That You Know Exactly How to Lead Your Child to Success in School and Life

Hi I am Dr. Patricia Porter and I am here to help you take the stress, worry and frustration that comes with trying to motivate and inspire your underachieving child.

When we work together to unlock your child’s learning potential I will walk you step by step through the process of:

    • Setting achievable learning goals
    • Identifying your child’s specific learning needs
      • Creating a success formula for you and your child.

    Then I ‘hold your hand’ as you start to use the strategies that make a difference in your child’s learning life.

    The process couldn’t be easier. We use scheduled calls, emails to share information about your child’s learning issues and to provide you with strategies tailored to your child’s specific needs. You can use these practical, proven strategies immediately to increase your child’s learning ability.

    Both you and your child feel respected, listened to, and supported as I guide you along the path to success.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get when we work together to unlock your child’s potential

  • a detailed description of how your child learns and why he or she is not reaching his or her full learning potential that you can share with teachers
  • easy to use, proven learning strategies that you can use immediately to make a difference in your child’s learning life
  • an action plan that takes the stress and worry out of helping your child and allows you to get your life back

This in-depth package comes with everything you need to ensure your child is on the path to success

  • Access to the unique Porter Diagnostic Learning Assessment so you can uncover your child’s hidden learning ability
  • 4 one-hour phone calls to guide you through the Porter Process. These calls, typically one per week, are scheduled at your convenience
  • worksheets and questionnaires to complete with each call so that we make the best of our time together
  • emails that review what has been discussed and give you details of the strategies that are tailor made to fit your child’s needs
  • email support between calls so that you can get your questions answered quickly
  • expert advice that would cost you fortune to access elsewhere – if you could find it!
  • information on how to talk to teachers so your child makes progress both at home and at school
  • help with finding appropriate resources to use with your child
  • actual words to use with your child to make learning simpler and easier
  • strategies to take the hassle out of helping with homework
  • an inclusive process that includes parent, educator, and child working together for the benefit of all
  • work on your schedule, on-line or over the phone, within your timeline and at your speed
  • a written report that you can share with your child’s teachers
  • follow-up to make sure that everything is going well

If you want to help your child reach his or her full learning potential, and if you could use a systematic, easy-to-maintain blueprint for your child’s success, and you like the idea of doing this stress free, let’s chat!

Click here to take your first step to your child’s success by setting up a no-cost, no-obligation phone call to learn more about how I can help you lead your child to learning.

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