After working with the Porter Process it feels like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have a plan to work with. We know what support our son needs and how to provide it.

Renata T
mother of grade 2 boy in Canada

When we realized our son needed to take responsibility for his learning we were able to focus on ways to help him develop that skill. His teacher says he is doing well now and he got an A on a recent exam!

mother of grade 5 boy in Sweden

The Porter Process has proven to be immensely effective in a very short period of time. Our home was a war zone around homework. We have now turned a corner, had an incredibly productive parent teacher meeting but most importantly we have peace and harmony restored in our home. It's early days but I sense we are only just discovering what N*** is truly capable off. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

mother of 11 year old boy in Canada

I was intrigued when I learned about the Porter Process. What impressed me was its ability to get to the root of learning problems problem. The process helped me discover why my grandson was struggling with learning.

His parents are confident that they will be successful in helping their son overcome his learning issues and my grandson is feeling hopeful about his ability to learn.

Janice C 
District Intenerant support teacher for students with Learning Disabilities Canada

We felt lost, we wanted to help our daughter but without being able to understand how she learned we felt unable to give her the right support. Her teachers were feeling frustrated too. We now understand how our daughter learns. Homework time has been cut in half. She has made huge progress. Do it now! Understanding how your child learns is such valuable information, it's hard to out a price on. I cannot recommend this process highly enough.

Julie M 
Mother of 6 year old girl in the UK

Before working with Patricia we didn’t know where to turn. Our bright son had all but given up on learning,was facing at school and his future looked bleak. We were desperate to find out what we could do to help.
Patricia helped us understand why he was struggling to learn and gave us practical ways we could help him reach his learning potential.This information and advice made all the inference in the world. Our son made the honour role and won a merit scholarships attend the second best art college i the country.
Both Dave and I were so happy that someone saw our son’s talents and appreciated them! What a difference! Our son is in a happy/confident place right now, a place we as parents have been longing to see for a very long time.

Parents of teenage boy

​I was very frustrated as the marks i was getting did not reflect what I knew. Patricia told me more in one day about why I struggled than all my teachers had in two years. I have begun to take the steps to help myself and my situation. Without Patricia’s help I would have failed my exams.

University Student

​We were struggling to provide our daughter with the help she needed. Homework was taking far too long and causing problems at home. The we came to you and you provided us with effective advice. Our daughter’s learning has improved, as you said it would, with the right learning methods. Thank you so much for your help. We felt big sigh of relief, you hit the nail right on the head, you truly are capable of understanding how each child learns and offer year and effective advice. Her teachers are delighted with her improvement.

Parents of Grade 6 girl

​Dr. Porter’s supportive, confidence building techniques gave my son and me the confidence that he could learn. He is now on the road to the many worlds learning will bring him.

Mother of grade 1 boy

Our home was a war zone at homework time. You helped us understand what support our son needed. It is early days but I sense that we are only just discovering what our son is capable of achieving. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to the next steps and to ensure that we develop his love of learning and kinda the spark that we know will ignite into a wildfire one day!

Parents of 12 year old boy

Dr. Porter suggested some household changes that were overlooked by other school advisers. We are now working through the new strategies and we can already see results in the first few days. Our relationship with our child has improved and we enjoy showing him the way to learn.

Parents of grade 4 student

Thank you for sharing your incredible wisdom with us. We see our children in a new light that allows us to be more forgiving and more giving too.

Parents of 10 and 12 year old girls